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MCE e-Portfolio Reflection

  I have just begun Part 3 of the Mind Lab Master of Contemporary Education. One of our first sprints is to choose an e-portfolio platform and reflect on its efficacy. Sites vs Blogs   Sites Both Blogs Static Not interactive - communicate information only. Once published, can be considered finished. Less social - more… Continue reading MCE e-Portfolio Reflection

Standard 5

Perfect Pitch

The Pitch Perfect projects have been completed now and most learners and teachers enjoyed the process. Our learners came up with amazing ideas which included websites to raise awareness and inform people about issues such as pollution and anxiety; Instagram profiles; short films; and even a rubbish sculpture in the shape of a whale tale to… Continue reading Perfect Pitch

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Year 9, Term 4 Project, Week 1:

In term three we discussed the merits of Junior exams and made the decision to continue with exams for year 10, but not year 9. This then meant that each faculty had to spend time planning and developing a unit of learning for their curriculum area for year 9. The English faculty chose to develop… Continue reading Year 9, Term 4 Project, Week 1:

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Innovation Summit: golden nuggets

On 28 August, I attended the Innovation Summit at the Novotel Hotel in Ellerslie. When I arrived, I was greeted warmly and told that I could lineup to have a barista made coffee. As I waited in line, my order was taken, and before long I was feeling pretty happy with a nicely made trim… Continue reading Innovation Summit: golden nuggets

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Customised and personalised

In 2019 we will be running a new course for a class of year 11 learners called The Pod. This class will be coached by 3 teachers and will be learner directed. I have had several ideas for this course which I hope to be a part of, if not in 2019, in the years… Continue reading Customised and personalised

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2018 Teaching as Inquiry

Rationale In 2017 we added a new course to level 2 English, a course which is mostly internally assessed and with a focus on the visual aspects of English. This course attracted learners that didn't engage easily with reading and writing. 2017 began well with learners engaged and happier to be in a course… Continue reading 2018 Teaching as Inquiry

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Acceleration Guaranteed!

In the April holidays my colleague, Christine, and I attended the Core Education course, Accelerator, which was held at Stonefields School. After the introductions and outline of what we could expect from our 2 days together, we brainstormed some of education's wicked problems. These were then pitched to the group and we chose which problem… Continue reading Acceleration Guaranteed!

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The future of exams

After reading this Lizzie Marvelly article and also discussing exams with my good friend Linda over a Friday night drink, I am left wondering how much longer we will have the end of year exam. Increasing levels of stress and anxiety over relentless assessment, social media and other life crises have not helped our young… Continue reading The future of exams

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2018 Goals

We are nearly at the end of 2017 and already I am being asked what my goals as HOL will be for next year. I thought that I would take a look at the new standards and link my goals to those. Our school goals are around know and grow your learners, develop and support… Continue reading 2018 Goals

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Education Perfect Exams

This year our faculty, along with the science faculty, took a leap of faith and completed our Junior exams digitally through the wonderful Education Perfect platform. Our learners have had plenty of experience with using Education Perfect over the last six months in science, maths and English. We have set various tasks and assessments for… Continue reading Education Perfect Exams