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Acceleration Guaranteed!

In the April holidays my colleague, Christine, and I attended the Core Education course, Accelerator, which was held at Stonefields School. After the introductions and outline of what we could expect from our 2 days together, we brainstormed some of education's wicked problems. These were then pitched to the group and we chose which problem… Continue reading Acceleration Guaranteed!

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2018 Goals

We are nearly at the end of 2017 and already I am being asked what my goals as HOL will be for next year. I thought that I would take a look at the new standards and link my goals to those. Our school goals are around know and grow your learners, develop and support… Continue reading 2018 Goals

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Education Perfect Exams

This year our faculty, along with the science faculty, took a leap of faith and completed our Junior exams digitally through the wonderful Education Perfect platform. Our learners have had plenty of experience with using Education Perfect over the last six months in science, maths and English. We have set various tasks and assessments for… Continue reading Education Perfect Exams

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Improving Writing with Education Perfect

What is the current situation/problem? My year 9 learners find it a challenge to apply basic grammar such as punctuation, spelling, effective use of sentences and capital letters. School Goals relating to this issue: Objective 1: Challenge and support all learners to give of their best and achieve their best in their learning and the… Continue reading Improving Writing with Education Perfect

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Can we truly personalise learning?

I have a dream! A vision of learners who are excited to come to school and learn because they have chosen what they will learn about and how they will do it. Their learning is totally personalised. If I was at school today I would want to learn how to form a rock band, write… Continue reading Can we truly personalise learning?

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Using asTTle in the English Classroom

The Call to Action Today I attended Tania Linley-Richardson's comprehensive¬†and useful workshop: "Using asTTle in the English Classroom'. For a while now I have needed professional development on using asTTle but the opportunity has never arisen. As a Head of Learning, I have felt behind the 8 ball and a bit out of my depth… Continue reading Using asTTle in the English Classroom

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2017 Goals

After a very steep learning curve last year, I am feeling much more relaxed about my role as HOL. I now know what is expected and how to complete each task. I am enjoying connecting with the people in my Faculty and helping them to realise their goals. My goals for this year are: To… Continue reading 2017 Goals