Analyse and appropriately use assessment information, which has been gathered formally and informally. · Demonstrate commitment to promote the well-being of all ākonga · Mindlab reflections · Student Achievement Analysis · Use critical inquiry and problem-solving effectively in their professional practice.

Contemporary Trends and Issues

Big Data "‘Big Data’ and the use of analytics can provide insights into some of the gnarly challenges associated with improving equity and excellence."(Data-driven organisations, 2016) According to Core Education, the use of Big data and analytics is a contemporary trend that is influencing education in New Zealand and internationally. This can be seen with… Continue reading Contemporary Trends and Issues

Criterion 2 · Personal TAI · Student Achievement Analysis

Change is a challenge but so worth it.

This year I have seen some real improvement in the results that my classes are getting compared to previous years. This has made me, and my students, pretty happy. It is great to feel like I am doing a good job. Some examples include: Year 10 English: 10 Excellences for their film essays compared to… Continue reading Change is a challenge but so worth it.

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Using Learning Intentions & Success Criteria

As part of our department TAI I have experimented with getting my year 12 class to write their own Learning Intentions and Success Criteria. My aim was to see if it helped to improve results. They were completing the Close Viewing standard and their work was very much self directed. The following is a diary of how it… Continue reading Using Learning Intentions & Success Criteria