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Using asTTle in the English Classroom

The Call to Action Today I attended Tania Linley-Richardson's comprehensive and useful workshop: "Using asTTle in the English Classroom'. For a while now I have needed professional development on using asTTle but the opportunity has never arisen. As a Head of Learning, I have felt behind the 8 ball and a bit out of my depth… Continue reading Using asTTle in the English Classroom

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The uLearn 2016 Experience

Powhiri After checking into our Rotorua motel, Lisa, Christine and I attended a powhiri at a local marae. It was a special way to begin our uLearn experience and lovely to be welcomed in a meaningful manner. Keynotes Larry Rosenstock Rosenstock set up High Tech High in 2000 with the common principles of personalisation, real-world… Continue reading The uLearn 2016 Experience

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Blogging for Professional Development

The social media platform that best supports my engagement with professional development is WordPress. Blogging is beneficial to me as it allows regular reflection on teaching and learning. Many posts discuss challenges and solutions based upon discussion with colleagues. This is a great way of being a reflective practitioner and processing information and thoughts. The act of… Continue reading Blogging for Professional Development

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My Community of Practice

“Communities of practice," a term coined by Etienne Wenger, is explained as: “groups of people who share a concern or a passion or about a topic, and who deepen their knowledge and expertise in this area by interaction on an ongoing basis” (Wenger, McDermott & Snyder, 2002, p.4). Communities of practice interact and learn together.… Continue reading My Community of Practice

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Gamification and Assessment

RESEARCH TOPIC AREA The research topic area that will be addressed is the impact of gamification on assessment results. In the reading that I have completed there is much evidence of improved engagement and motivation when game based learning and gamification are utilised in the classroom. “On the one side, experiment qualitative analysis suggests that… Continue reading Gamification and Assessment

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Fun with Furnware

2 years ago I was fortunate enough to be able to choose some Furnware for my classroom. I chose green and orange tables, a white board table, a 'hairdresser' chair and 6 red, yellow and green splats. I arranged the furniture to reflect Thornburg's theory of watering holes, caves and campfires to investigate how this… Continue reading Fun with Furnware

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An engaging, collaborative, creative and challenging education.

On Saturday I went to my first Mindlab session which I really enjoyed. It was great to meet like-minded people and also to think about and discuss what knowledge is. I love that our first reflection is about our own experiences. The topic is to reflect on how your understanding of the purpose of education… Continue reading An engaging, collaborative, creative and challenging education.

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Happy Highlights of the ADE Institute, Singapore, 2015

How did we get there? My colleague and friend, Linda Rubens, and I both applied to become Apple Distinguished Educators this year and we were both fortunate enough to be successful. We were required to make a 2 minute video and answer a series of questions in which we told the story of how we… Continue reading Happy Highlights of the ADE Institute, Singapore, 2015

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Good Blog!

This year it has become a requirement for all teaching staff at Orewa College to maintain a blog dedicated to reflecting on their teaching and learning. Each post needs to be linked to at least one of the Teacher Registration Criteria and we are all involved in a department TAI (Teaching as Inquiry). Many also… Continue reading Good Blog!

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Learning Together

Yesterday I facillitated a workshop on blogging for 8 of our staff and a student teacher. The goal of the workshop was to discover how to make a blog post scannable, embed YouTube clips and slideshows and insert hyperlinks. Here's the plan here, embedded using Kyle Bluck's awesome tutorial on embedding Google stuff.  I introduced… Continue reading Learning Together