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The Importance of Relationships – Whanaungatanga

Earlier this year I began my Masters in Educational Leadership and Management through Unitec. For the one paper, I was required to interview my principal about how he facilitated diversity at Whangaparaoa College. This is part one of the essay that I wrote about my key findings. To begin, I thanked my principal for agreeing… Continue reading The Importance of Relationships – Whanaungatanga

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Can we truly personalise learning?

I have a dream! A vision of learners who are excited to come to school and learn because they have chosen what they will learn about and how they will do it. Their learning is totally personalised. If I was at school today I would want to learn how to form a rock band, write… Continue reading Can we truly personalise learning?

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Year 9 Priority Learner Progress

Have I seen any improvement in the learning/behaviour of my PLs so far this year? I have 9 priority learners in my year 9 English class, there were 11 but 2 have been moved to a different class. They comprise of a mixture of Maori, Pasifika and Pakeha learners whose curriculum level ability range from… Continue reading Year 9 Priority Learner Progress

Demonstrate commitment to bicultural partnership in Aotearoa New Zealand. · Mindlab reflections · Respond effectively to the diverse language and cultural experiences, and the varied strengths, interests and needs of individuals and groups of ākonga. · Work effectively within the bicultural context of Aotearoa New Zealand.

Indigenous knowledge and cultural responsiveness

"...the most common positions taken by Maori students, their families and their school principals were those which identified classroom caring and learning relationships..." (Savage et al., 2011.) The relationships we develop with learners and their families is important. On this foundation, we can have high expectations of our learners. They are more likely to listen to… Continue reading Indigenous knowledge and cultural responsiveness

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Our bicultural heritage

I always feel a bit concerned when it comes to meeting the requirements for this part of the Practising Teacher requirements but when I have a think about it, there are a few different ways that I do this. 1. Every Monday morning at our staff meetings we begin by say the following karakia. At… Continue reading Our bicultural heritage

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Flicking the Switch

There has been a lot of research into the reasons why boys are not as motivated and don't achieve as well as girls. Even though this research has taken place and advice has been offered, there does not seem to be much change. Is this because it is too hard for teachers to make the… Continue reading Flicking the Switch

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2 years down the BYOD Track

This blog is a reflection on what I have done with my BYOD classes over the last 2 years and how I have done it. It also details what I hope to focus on in the near future. Resources. Where I'm at Over the last 2 years I have realised that it is extremely important… Continue reading 2 years down the BYOD Track

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So far, so good!

The PBL unit that I am facillitating with my year 12 class in our study of Brave New World is progressing very well. Each period I am experiencing extreme satisfaction and warm fuzzy feelings in my tummy because of what I am seeing. The highlights so far include: 1. My weakest student is engaged and… Continue reading So far, so good!

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Mr T: an example of the iPad engaging a lost student.

 A young man who is repeating year 9 appeared in my English class earlier this term. Mr T had been removed from his previous English class for various reasons. He usually wears his uniform in a scruffy manner and pretty much every lesson I have to ask him to remove the stretcher earing he persists… Continue reading Mr T: an example of the iPad engaging a lost student.

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Emerging Differences

 Several differences are emerging between the classes I teach where some students have 1:1 devices and the year 9 class where all students have devices. One of these differences is the attitude of the students towards their learning, My year 9 English class are encouraged to be responsible and independent learners. The tasks that we have… Continue reading Emerging Differences