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My Community of Practice

“Communities of practice," a term coined by Etienne Wenger, is explained as: “groups of people who share a concern or a passion or about a topic, and who deepen their knowledge and expertise in this area by interaction on an ongoing basis” (Wenger, McDermott & Snyder, 2002, p.4). Communities of practice interact and learn together.… Continue reading My Community of Practice

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New, new, new!

This year I started a new role as Head of Learning in a new school (Whangaparaoa College) and the learning curve has been pretty steep. I also got a new car so that accounts for the third new in the title! Some things that I have learnt: 1. Ordering and books and stationery can be… Continue reading New, new, new!

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Good Blog!

This year it has become a requirement for all teaching staff at Orewa College to maintain a blog dedicated to reflecting on their teaching and learning. Each post needs to be linked to at least one of the Teacher Registration Criteria and we are all involved in a department TAI (Teaching as Inquiry). Many also… Continue reading Good Blog!

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Learning Together

Yesterday I facillitated a workshop on blogging for 8 of our staff and a student teacher. The goal of the workshop was to discover how to make a blog post scannable, embed YouTube clips and slideshows and insert hyperlinks. Here's the plan here, embedded using Kyle Bluck's awesome tutorial on embedding Google stuff.  I introduced… Continue reading Learning Together

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Advanced Blogging

A blog is much easier to read when it is scannable. Lewis Bostock first introduced our staff to this 2 years ago and it has been fun encouraging our students to do this, even if I have to run a competition to make it happen! Embedding a slideshow looks so much nicer than screenshots or… Continue reading Advanced Blogging

Criterion 5

How to add categories using an iPad

1. In a new post, tap the Settings icon. 2. Select Categories. 3. Tap the + icon. 4. Add the title of your category and then Save. 5. Go back to the main page of your blog and tap View Admin.  6.  Select Appearance then Menus. 7. Select Categories then view all.  8.… Continue reading How to add categories using an iPad

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Embedding a video using an iPad

1.  Sign up for YouTube. 2. Publish your video to YouTube by uploading it in the YouTube app. 3. Tap on the share link of your video and select copy link.   4. Go back to your WordPress post and tap  HTML . Paste the link into your post.   5. Update your post. Your video… Continue reading Embedding a video using an iPad

Criterion 5

How to create a post using an iPad

1. Tap on the pencil. Edit 2. Give your post a title.  3. Either write your post or copy and paste from a document such as Pages or Word.  4. Add a photo from your camera roll by tapping the image icon.  5. Post by tapping on Post.

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Powtoon: a fun presentation tool!

There are heaps of cool apps and websites put there that we can utilise to make cool presentations but my tool of choice at the moment is Powtoon. It is really simple to use and creates a great looking pressie. This Friday and Saturday OC is having our 3rd annual BYOD conference titled Rethink Recreate… Continue reading Powtoon: a fun presentation tool!