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Leadership evaluation

Do I ask my faculty to evaluate my leadership or not? This question niggled at me for a week or two before I did anything about it. My reasons for doing included getting some feedback on areas that I was unaware that I needed to work on. I also wanted confirmation that I was doing… Continue reading Leadership evaluation

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Motivation, Engagement and Consequences.

When brainstorming ideas for Teaching as Inquiry, our department focus became centred around how we could encourage our learners to complete their learning. This is a challenge that many of us face. We decided that we would link our TAI to some of the Whangaparaoa College school goals which include: Objective 1: Challenge and support… Continue reading Motivation, Engagement and Consequences.

Analyse and appropriately use assessment information, which has been gathered formally and informally. · Demonstrate commitment to promote the well-being of all ākonga · Mindlab reflections · Student Achievement Analysis · Use critical inquiry and problem-solving effectively in their professional practice.

Contemporary Trends and Issues

Big Data "‘Big Data’ and the use of analytics can provide insights into some of the gnarly challenges associated with improving equity and excellence."(Data-driven organisations, 2016) According to Core Education, the use of Big data and analytics is a contemporary trend that is influencing education in New Zealand and internationally. This can be seen with… Continue reading Contemporary Trends and Issues

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Gamification and Assessment

RESEARCH TOPIC AREA The research topic area that will be addressed is the impact of gamification on assessment results. In the reading that I have completed there is much evidence of improved engagement and motivation when game based learning and gamification are utilised in the classroom. “On the one side, experiment qualitative analysis suggests that… Continue reading Gamification and Assessment

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Recognising and celebrating TRUMP

   How might teachers’ strengths in developing capabilities in thinking, using language, symbols and texts, managing self, relating to others, and participating and contributing, be recognised and celebrated? 1. An inquiry into the explicit use of TRUMP could be one way of looking at developing capabilities in this area to see what impact it had… Continue reading Recognising and celebrating TRUMP

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Entering the Matrix

Over the past few weeks my Level 2 Viewing and Presenting class have been studying The Matrix(1999) directed by the Wachowskis. Students who choose to do Viewing and Presenting are typically students who find reading and writing a challenge so choose an option which focuses more on the visual aspects of English. This film study… Continue reading Entering the Matrix

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Using Learning Intentions & Success Criteria

As part of our department TAI I have experimented with getting my year 12 class to write their own Learning Intentions and Success Criteria. My aim was to see if it helped to improve results. They were completing the Close Viewing standard and their work was very much self directed. The following is a diary of how it… Continue reading Using Learning Intentions & Success Criteria

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How does the use of AKO and mentoring/facilitating at senior level improve results?

AKO Ako is defined as a common language of learning. This means that every department at Orewa College uses the same terms from Art Costa's 3 story Intellect when writing tasks and assessments. These terms are discussed and explained to students. The levels of thinking from the 3 storey intellect are also explained and made… Continue reading How does the use of AKO and mentoring/facilitating at senior level improve results?

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Developing a growth mindset To me any satisfaction and success that you can expect in life will be influenced by a positive, can do mindset. I have learned that your attitude will determine your altitude. Over the past couple of years we have been made aware of each of our colleague's mindset with the introduction… Continue reading #Hackyrmindset

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5 Things I Learnt from Genius Time

Early in 2013 I read about Genius Hour from @v_lees and was inspired to try it out myself. As there was not time in our already tight programme for year 9 & 10, I thought that it would be a fun thing to do at the end of the year after exams had taken place.… Continue reading 5 Things I Learnt from Genius Time