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The Importance of Community Engagement

Earlier this year I began my Masters in Educational Leadership and Management through Unitec. For the one paper, I was required to interview my principal about how he facilitated diversity at Whangaparaoa College. This is part two of the essay that I wrote about my key findings. The school has a diverse range of learners… Continue reading The Importance of Community Engagement

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Our Interdisciplinary Learning story

  At Whangaparaoa College, a few of us have been chatting about the possibility of trialing interdisciplinary learning in 2018. For a while, I have been pondering how we could make this happen without too much disruption to the timetable. After a fruitful lunchtime conversation with my friend and colleague, Debbie Culliford, the light went… Continue reading Our Interdisciplinary Learning story

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Transformers! Teachers in disguise!

This year, my friend and colleague, Christine Emery, and I presented at uLearn 2016. Our presentation was about how we have helped to begin the transformation of our department's use of technology. Christine and I began teaching at Whangaparaoa College this year and had both come from schools that have been BYOD for the past… Continue reading Transformers! Teachers in disguise!

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Interdisciplinary Connections

The interdisciplinary approach is a team-taught enhancement of student performance, an integration of methodology and pedagogy, and a much needed lifelong learning skill. Interdisciplinary approach (2009). Goals At Whangaparaoa College each curriculum area has had its own paragraph structure acronym, these have included PEEL, SEXY, and TIE, to name a few. It was decided that… Continue reading Interdisciplinary Connections

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Current Issues in my Professional Context

Organisational Culture Whangaparaoa College caters for years 7-13 and has been in operation for 10 years. As part of their job application, our principals completed a Myers-Briggs personality test to ensure there was a balance of personality styles and skills. Recommendations from the Curriculum Stocktake (2002) were also considered, in particular, the review and refining of… Continue reading Current Issues in my Professional Context

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My Community of Practice

“Communities of practice," a term coined by Etienne Wenger, is explained as: “groups of people who share a concern or a passion or about a topic, and who deepen their knowledge and expertise in this area by interaction on an ongoing basis” (Wenger, McDermott & Snyder, 2002, p.4). Communities of practice interact and learn together.… Continue reading My Community of Practice

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20th vs 21st Century Skills

How do 20th century and 21st century skills differ?  As a student in the 20th century I recall that my education was largely about learning facts and content that would be regurgitated at a later stage to prove that I had learnt something. I vividly remember sitting in many classes simply copying notes from a… Continue reading 20th vs 21st Century Skills

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Happy Highlights of the ADE Institute, Singapore, 2015

How did we get there? My colleague and friend, Linda Rubens, and I both applied to become Apple Distinguished Educators this year and we were both fortunate enough to be successful. We were required to make a 2 minute video and answer a series of questions in which we told the story of how we… Continue reading Happy Highlights of the ADE Institute, Singapore, 2015

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Managing your classroom effectively

It takes some time to learn to manage your students well and some develop a great set of skills sooner than others. It took me a while and I know that I was not very strict or confident in my early years of teaching. I used to focus more on building relationships with my students… Continue reading Managing your classroom effectively

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5 Inspirational Educators

I am constantly amazed and inspired by educators that I know or meet who are passionate about teaching and learning. These teachers are keen to learn and adapt their pedagogy to enhance their students learning: 1. Linda Rubens @lindarubens Linda is a passionate advocate of using 1:1 devices to enable inquiry based learning. She understands… Continue reading 5 Inspirational Educators