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Getting started with blogging


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Powtoon: a fun presentation tool!

There are heaps of cool apps and websites put there that we can utilise to make cool presentations but my tool of choice at the moment is Powtoon. It is really simple to use and creates a great looking pressie. This Friday and Saturday OC is having our 3rd annual BYOD conference titled Rethink Recreate… Continue reading Powtoon: a fun presentation tool!


Why creating an iBook to sell is like having a baby

Over the Christmas holidays I wrote an iBook and I absolutely loved creating it and see it grow into something that I was really proud of. Like creating a baby and being pregnant, that was the easy part. Getting my book onto the iTunes store was like giving birth, extremely painful and frustrating. I just… Continue reading Why creating an iBook to sell is like having a baby

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Gmail, Blogger & Google+

Today I made quite a cool discovery, Gmail, Blogger and Google+ work together really well. Yes, I'm sure I'm stating the obvious to some of you but to those of you who are wondering what I mean, read on... Creating Class Circles My main goal for today was to create circles on Google+ for each… Continue reading Gmail, Blogger & Google+

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Planning a PBL Unit

For creating your own matrix of learning activities based on Bloom's Taxonomy and Gardner's Intelligences,check out: Here's a link to "BloomsGardners Matrix.doc" in my Dropbox: You can download this template and adjust it for your own needs.