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Priority Learners


As a department we have identified our priority learners and are doing the following to help:

1. Discussing the learning with them on a 1:1 basis to ensure that they understand tasks.

2. Give regular feedback and feed forward.

3. Setting small, achievable goals each lesson.

4. Providing audiobooks where appropriate.

5. Consistently reinforcing basic classroom expectations.

6. Providing plenty of encouragement.

7. Monitoring the use of devices.

8. Communicating with the whanau when necessary.

9. Differentiating and scaffolding activities.

10. Buddying with more able learners.

We have noticed improvements in many of our learners: 

1. Learners do not feel afraid to ask questions when they have the 1:1 conferencing. 

2. When they understand the task they are more likely to stay on task and complete the learning.

3. Relationships with our priority learners have improved because they feel respected and valued.



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