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Good Blog!

This year it has become a requirement for all teaching staff at Orewa College to maintain a blog dedicated to reflecting on their teaching and learning. Each post needs to be linked to at least one of the Teacher Registration Criteria and we are all involved in a department TAI (Teaching as Inquiry). Many also reflect on their own individual TAI.

To assist our staff we have offered PD on how to set up WordPress blogs with categories, I created the following presentation as a guide:

However, this was a bit confusing for some so Richard Wells kindly created a template which could be imported into an existing blog. He’s a clever man! Before long everyone had their blog set up and were ready to go.

Because of this requirement we have offered plenty of PD specifically targeted to help with blogging. What I have noticed is that our staff are all blogging but some have trouble with what to blog about and how to go about it. I have seen photos uploaded to blogs with minimal description about what happened, and then some are asking us what they should write about. To help overcome this problem I’ve developed a few questions and suggestions.


This is the format that I aim to follow in my reflections but I’m not religious about it. Hopefully this will help our staff to write meaningful reflections that will result in even better teaching and learning.



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