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Learning Together

Yesterday I facillitated a workshop on blogging for 8 of our staff and a student teacher. The goal of the workshop was to discover how to make a blog post scannable, embed YouTube clips and slideshows and insert hyperlinks.

Here’s the plan here, embedded using Kyle Bluck’s awesome tutorial on embedding Google stuff. 

I introduced the plan for the day and then directed everyone to our LMS where I had made a folder of ‘How To‘ resources. See my Advanced Blogging post for the resources. I flipped the learning by allowing people to select what they wanted to work on and, using the ‘How To‘ resources, learn at their own pace and choose what they wanted to do and when they wanted to do it. My role was to be the guide on the side and help when needed.


After morning tea we had a sharing session about how blogging could be used with our students. Just before we did this I had a little epiphany about the way we could do this, I could create a Padlet. As staff were returning from morning tea I set this up and emailed them the link to the page. We all shared ideas on the page which could then be reflected on or revisited later.


Everyone then continued pimping out their blogs until 2:45pm when we had a ‘Show and Tell‘ session to see what  people had been doing. I really enjoyed this part of the day as people shared what they had done by projecting their blog on screen so that we could all see. They also shared new things that they had discovered, things that I had not known myself such as:

  • how to create a gallery of photos, 
  • how to change the font style and colour (I mostly blog on an iPad and this option is not available so that’s why I didn’t know!), 
  • and the ability to embed a Google Slide straight from Google Slides instead of having to upload to Slideshare first. 

I also learnt that WordPress has had a recent update which means that you can upload video directly from your camera roll now instead of having to publish to YouTube first! Lifechanging for us! 

It was such a great way to spend a Friday and I learnt just as much as the awesome people in my workshop. Mel Brown reflects on her impressions of the day here: Mel’s blog.

I’m looking forward to our next session in a fortnight, better put my thinking cap on…



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