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How to embed a slideshow in WordPress on an iPad

For a while now my colleagues and I have been lamenting the fact that you could not embed a Keynote presentation into a WordPress post on your iPad. Many of our students present their work in a Keynote and then have to screen shot each slide and upload to WordPress as a series of images.If they have a laptop they can publish to Slideshare first and then copy the embed code into a post. However only a few students have utilised this option.

My year 10s are currently studying a Ray Bradbury short story and they are required to create a presentation to show their understanding of an aspect of the story. They then publish this onto their blog. I have banned the use of Keynote, PowerPoint, Pages and Word because I want them to find other ways of creating presentations. I was roaming my class having a look the other day and I asked a student what app he was using, he replied, SlideIdea. I had a look and noticed that one of the sharing options in SlideIdea was Slideshare. I was so excited because this has never been an option on the iPad before.

I told him that he had made my day and went off to see what I could do with SlideIdea, Slideshare and WordPress. I found out that Slideshare now has an app that you can share from. There still needs to be the option of an embed code as you have to use the email share option and then copy the link from the email into WordPress as HTML. The presentation below is the result of my colleagues, Annie Davis, Linda Ruben, Althea White and myself having a play and solving a problem that we have had for years.



3 thoughts on “How to embed a slideshow in WordPress on an iPad

    1. Me too! I was super excited when one of my year 10s told me about the Slide Idea app and I saw that you could publish to Slideshare. It all came about because I banned the use of Keynote!


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