Criterion 4

Sketch noting

I was reading a blog post written by Stephanie of the Teaching theTeacher blog recently and she wrote about a form of note taking called Sketch Noting. Sketch Noting is a visual form of note taking where anyone who is in a lecture situation can make their notes more interesting and memorable by drawing pictures, using symbols and being creative with text.The video below explains:

My immediate response to reading about this was to try and find an app for it because my iPad is the first port of call for me when it comes to note taking. I realised that the Paper app and a stylus would do the job pretty well so I am now waiting for an opportunity to do some sketch noting on my iPad.

However, an opportunity arose in a very different format than I had anticipated. I was writing instructions on my whiteboard this morning and I realised that the whiteboard was a pretty good place to do a sketch note. It’s my first time doing one so it’s a bit basic but you get the idea.


I explained the idea to my students and will give them an opportunity to try it out when I do some essay writing teaching next week. I’m hoping that they will be able to retain the information that I impart and I will see this reflected in their essays. I almost feel a little bit old school doing this because it’s not flipping the class. However, I will have a flipped lesson available for students who prefer this avenue and they can make sketch notes from the video.

So the question is…will sketch noting make a difference?


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