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How to add categories using an iPad

1. In a new post, tap the Settings icon.

2. Select Categories.

3. Tap the + icon.

4. Add the title of your category and then Save.

5. Go back to the main page of your blog and tap View Admin.

6.  Select Appearance then Menus.

7. Select Categories then view all.

8. Tick the category that you want and then tap Add to Menu.

9. At the bottom of the menu tap Save Menu. Make sure you tick the boxes also.

10. At the top left of the page tap My Site then View Site to check that your categories are visible. If they are not, try refreshing the page. Some themes don’t show categories so you may have to change your theme.



I am an English teacher of year 9-13 students at Whangaparaoa College. I enjoy incorporating the use of technology in the classroom and researching effective ways of engaging students. In 2012 our school introduced compulsory BYOD for year 9 and I have enjoyed this challenge. I am an advocate of Project Based Learning and plan to increase my use of this teaching style. I am also a musician and enjoy playing in local bands. If I can include music in my teaching in some way, I do it!

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