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Digital Badges

I have been thinking a bit about the use of digital badges in the classroom. Badges have been used for years by organisations such as Scouts and Brownies and the Armed Forces. They are used these days in gaming and are a great way of motivating a person to achieve a specific goal. Once the goal has been achieved, a pathway can be followed to achieve at higher levels.
I’ve read a few articles on their use in schools internationally and this piqued my interest. Edudemic have a Teacher’s Guide which is a great place to start. For a balanced look at the advantages and disadvantages of badges check out this Edweek article.
I have developed a system of digital badge rewards based on 21st Century literacies and linked to some of the key competencies in our curriculum. My thinking is that it could work alongside our current marking system but its value would be in making sure that our learners developed 21st century skills such as innovation, problem solving and creativity.
Here’s what I’ve done so far:








I have a lot more thinking to do on this subject but I believe I could be onto something quite cool.


One thought on “Digital Badges

  1. I think you are onto something here. We have all been so conditioned to working towards exam results and reports. I include teachers, students and parents in this comment. But with total immersion of technology, We develop so many more skills which far exceed exam preparation. But those skills are not rewarded. Badges would do that! Well done!


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