Criterion 11

Reflection, Feedback and Feedforward

How do I gather and use assessment information in ways that advance the learning of my ākonga?

1. Reflection 
Reflection is something that I really enjoy, especially with a colleague over a cup of coffee! This is something that my colleague, Althea White, and I do on a regular basis. As we both teach English we enjoy discussing what has worked well and what still needs improvement for each unit of work that we deliver. Receiving essays and presentations to grade is an ongoing process in our subject area so there is a lot to discuss. We have been using Notability to mark essays on our iPads which makes marking more enjoyable as we can use funky colours to write comments. We have noticed that since the introduction of BYOD our students are writing more in their essays and are therefore generally getting better grades as they are able to explain themselves more fully. This has been exciting to reflect upon.
We have decided to ban the use of Pages and Keynote in some tasks as our students are now stuck in a comfort zone with these apps.

2. Feedback and feed forward
Each period my goal is to visit each student at least once to check what they are doing and to offer feedback on how they are going and feed forward on how they can improve or what to work on next. I enjoy doing this as it helps me to think about what I need to focus my next ‘campfire’ teach on. It also helps me to build relationships with my learners and get to know their strengths and weaknesses better.
I have to admit that an area that I am need to work on is looking at the data on Kamar. This makes me want to shrivel up and die because I am not a data person naturally! However, I will do it because it is important to develop in areas that are not a strength and also to not just rely on GGF (Global Gut Feel)!

3. Contacting the whanau
After each assessment it is our department policy to send out a letter to the whanau to inform them about how their child has performed. This is done for those who achieve with Excellence and those that do not achieve the standard at all. it is important to let the whanau know so that they don’t get a shock when the see their child’s report.


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