Criterion 3

3 Ways of Reflecting Respect for our Cultural Heritage

So I’ve got my Teacher registration due for renewal again this year and I have decided to use my blog as evidence that I have covered and reflected on all 12 criteria. Hence the title of this post and following question:

How do I reflect in my professional work respect for the cultural heritages of both Treaty partners in Aotearoa New Zealand?

1. The Powhiri
At the beginning of each year Orewa College has a powhiri for all new staff and students. Beforehand we practise waiata in support of our speakers. Then we all meet on our netball courts in the cool of the morning to welcome the newcomers. It is always lovely to see new students and their parents as well as new colleagues. Our kapa haka group support us in our singing and the local kaumatua join us for this lovely ceremony.

2. Manaaki Orewa
Our school values system is called Manaaki Orewa. The image of Dame Whina Cooper walking down a dusty road holding hands with her mokopuna was the inspiration for us to embark on this journey as a school together. Manaaki Orewa involves respect for yourself, others and the environment.


There are many teachable moments for Manaaki whether it is used to remind learners to respect others when they are sharing ideas or to remind them to look after the furniture and class room environment. This year I began the year by asking all my classes to create a group presentation which answered the question: How can we create a Manaaki learning space? This was my secret way of getting them to write the class rules! It was very enjoyable and each class came up with great ideas.


3. Waiata and Pronunciation
Our staff meeting for the past year have included singing waiata and also learning the correct pronunciation of Maori vowels and words. This has been fun, it’s always good to do a bit of singing and it lifts the spirits at the end of a long and tiring day.



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  1. Obviously if I have to live your criteria and placement I will be out of a job when it is my turn. W

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