Why creating an iBook to sell is like having a baby

Over the Christmas holidays I wrote an iBook and I absolutely loved creating it and see it grow into something that I was really proud of. Like creating a baby and being pregnant, that was the easy part. Getting my book onto the iTunes store was like giving birth, extremely painful and frustrating. I just wanted to get it out there but what a difficult process! Here’s what happened:
1. Apple ID
Because I had already published free books I could not use the same Apple ID so the first thing to do was to set up a new one. I also had to create a new email address and I couldn’t use the iCloud one that I had already but never used because it was an Apple email address.
2. EIN
Next I applied for a US EIN (Employer Identification Number). As foreigners cannot do this online and there is no email address to send to, I had to either post or fax this application. I could have rung but, as I only have a mobile, I was not keen on this option. Nearly a month after I sent the fax my EIN arrived in the post.
3. iTunes Connect
I then signed up with iTunes Connect who had to approve my EIN. This took about a week.
I discovered through reading the Apple forums that I needed an ISBN to identify my book. This was easy, I applied via email to the NZ National Library and had my number, free of charge, within 3 days. Go NZ! Other countries charge around $100.
5. Vendor ID
So now I had all the information I needed to get my book onto the store, right? Wrong! I had almost finished filling in the forms on iTunes Producer when I was told that I had not completed the Vendor ID field. However, there was no field available to add this ID into. I went back into the Apple forum and found out that I had to go into Preferences > Publication > Editable before delivery. This worked. Then I thought, ‘What is a Vendor ID?’ Back in the forum, I found out that it was the number at the top right of the Sales and Trends page in iTunes Connect. But no, I don’t have anything for sale yet so I don’t have this number! Anyway, after searching everywhere I found a definition for Vendor ID and, to me, it sounded just like the ISBN. So I copied the ISBN into the Vendor ID field and it seems to have worked.
My book is currently uploading to the iTunes store…

So you can probably see now why it is like giving birth, it is excruciating and goes on and on and on! But I am sure that it will all be worth it.



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