Criterion 1

5 Inspirational Educators

I am constantly amazed and inspired by educators that I know or meet who are passionate about teaching and learning. These teachers are keen to learn and adapt their pedagogy to enhance their students learning:

1. Linda Rubens @lindarubens
Linda is a passionate advocate of using 1:1 devices to enable inquiry based learning. She understands the importance of the learning environment and it’s impact on her students. Linda has recently been on an edutour to San Francisco and has returned with heaps of inspiring ideas. Check out her blog post to find out more!

2. Althea White @althea_white
Althea is an experienced educator who has been teaching for over 30 years but has found her passion for teaching and learning reignited through the use of social media. She has inspired her students to blog and tweet and has also successfully incorporated the flipped classroom into her teaching. Althea writes about the experiences in her blog.

3. Lewis Bostock @LewisBostock
Although Lewis is still training to be a teacher, he has had plenty of teaching experience with adults through the opportunities he has taken advantage of over the last couple of years. Lewis is a social media expert and has an inspiring wealth of knowledge. Lewis records his thoughts and experiences on his own website.

4. Gavin Fitzhenry @GavinFitzhenry
Gavin inspires me because he really cares about his students and their learning. He goes the extra mile to make sure that they fully understand the topic. Gavin recently taught a video conferencing class and most of them gained scholarships in English. He has a class blog to keep his students informed.

5. Tony Zaloum @Sc00tr
Tony is always positive and encouraging with anyone he comes into contact with. He has been using social media in his teaching for years and has inspired many of his colleagues to do the same. Tony has an interactive blog for his physic’s students which provides resources and discussion questions. He has also created a blog for colleagues to discuss the merits of blogging.


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