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PBL & a challenging class

Time to tighten up
Since my last disheartened post, I’m happy to report that life has improved with my year 10 class.
After much reflection and discussion with my amazing colleagues I decided that I needed to tighten up my lessons with this challenging group.
I introduced a new challenge for them, to research different forms of slavery and create a campaign to raise awareness of this issue. I asked them to work in groups of no more than 3 and by the end of the period they were expected to assign specific tasks to each member and create deadlines for each task. I have given them just 3 period to complete this.

So how did it go?
This challenge was introduced last period yesterday and even though it was hot, they were tired and we were interuppted by a fire drill, the class worked really well. I discovered only one person off task. Today we had a library period in which they were able to work on their campaign. Again only one person off task.
I have seen a few posters, some haikus and a playlist of songs about slavery so far. I’m impressed with the way the students are working. They are enjoying collaborating, creating and using their critical thinking skills to choose relevant things to include in their campaign.

A successful recipe
PBL is awesome and, combined with 1:1 devices, is working really well but I have learned that I need to scaffold and give strict parameters to this class. In contrast, my year 9 class are working in a much more relaxed environment and creating some good stuff. But that’s another blog…




5 thoughts on “PBL & a challenging class

  1. Great to see you hooking in those challenging learners with a challenging project based learning task. If you can get the challenging kids engaged in their learning, then imagine what you can do with the students who come motivated and ready.


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