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Learning to let go

The plan….
Today I asked my year 9 class, who are doing a project on Surviving Prejudice based on The Cay by Theodore Taylor, to record the details of some flipped learning and then work in groups to complete some activities from a Blooms/Gardner’s matrix. We had spent 20 minutes reading the novel before this.
As I roamed around the class to see how they were doing I noticed that some were reading the novel still, some were working on their flipped learning and some were working on the matrix.

Ignoring my instructions?!
At first I was disgruntled that they were not all doing the matrix as expected but then I realised that all were engaged with the project in some way and I needed to relax and let them take charge of their learning process. They have due dates for all activities so I needed to trust them to complete the work on their own terms.

Getting used to 21C styles
This is a part of 21Century learning and it is exciting to know that there is freedom for our learners to engage in a way that suits them, as a teacher I need to relax and trust the process.



2 thoughts on “Learning to let go

  1. I wish to enrol my Year 7 in your class, but it may be a bit too far to commute.
    The engagement and diversity that is evident in the images and your description are a testament to the quality nature of the education that is happening within this classroom. To often secondary educators are seen to be in the dark ages, where the skills and curiosity fostered and scaffolded in the primary sector are squashed in favour of ‘jug into mug’ learning, where lesson plans are recycled year after year. It is clearly evident that you have broken this cycle in your classroom and that your classroom and your learners are in the 21st Century.
    Tino Pai


    1. Thank you Luke! It has made teaching really exciting, especially when we meet to discuss new ways of delivering the curriculum with 1:1 devices. Seeing the learners engaged and happy makes it all worthwhile.

      Thanks for your kind comments ☺


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