Criterion 4

Raising awareness of social issues

A few months ago I connected with New York educator Johnathan Chase through Linkedin after seeing his Learning from Lyrics ideas. Johnathan promotes the use of music as a tool to aid learning. He also talks about the attitudes and values that are developed through the use of technology and the problem solving that is needed. I really liked his idea of creating a Public Service Advertisement to raise awareness of a social issue such as bullying or self harm. So his ideas really have a lot of merit and will also help the kids develop 21st century skills. I thought that this would make a great end of year activity for my year 9 class.

I made a powerpoint presentation with instructions, a check list and examples to present to my class. On the way to class though I decided against showing them yet another powerpoint presentation and decided to pop it onto to our LMS instead as a reference for those who needed it. When I got to class I found Johnathan’s examples of what his class had done on his YouTube channel and played a few of them to my class. After we had watch a few I asked them to think about the common conventions that each video had and we made a list on the whiteboard. Check out my Slideshare presentation for more info:

The class them worked in groups to choose and issue and a song that they would use. They all have a 1:1 device and each group made their PSA using iMovie. I left the list of conventions on the whiteboard for the whole time that they worked on this project so they were able to see what conventions they needed to include at all times.

The class were really keen to complete this project and I have been really happy with the outcome. They have become more aware of the issue that they worked with, they feel like they have contributed positively to the world and they have also developed their problem solving skills in working out technlogical issues. They have been motivated and engaged and created some great PSA’s. Have a look and see what you think: Year 9 PSA 2012.


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