Criterion 8

The end of the Edward Scissorhands Project

Today we finished up the Edward Scissorhands Project and the lesson was messy! I had students emailing me their finished film guides as PDF files, people asking questions about the reflection activity, people tweeting and trying to sign up for twitter and WordPress, others asking when our Skype session with Bianca Hewes’ class was happening…it was crazy fun!

To explain, once the students had emailed me their finished film guide, I asked them to sign up with WordPress and write a blog reflecting on the project. After they had completed that they were to sign up with twitter and tweet the link to the blog. It all sounds like it should all happen in an orderly manner but we are talking about teenagers!!

By the end of the 1 hour period most of the class were following me and each other on twitter. They then had fun tweeting each other, unfortunately some of it was rather silly. This was the teachable moment where I was able to discuss responsible digital citizenship, very briefly I might add due to the craziness of the lesson. This is something that I will follow up on next period though.

One person has tweeted the link to their blog so far but the rest are due early next week.

This was so much fun! Very messy and slightly out of control but I know that they enjoyed it, one student tweeted “OMG! I love English!” You can’t ask for more than that!



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