Criterion 7

The wheel has been taken!

Today is the first day of my year 12 English class teaching their own class. It has started well with a warm up activity of a wordfind to identify the themes in Slumdog Millionaire. The class were fully engaged in this activity and really enjoyed the simplicity of the first revision activity.

The next activity that they have been asked to do is a newspaper article about poverty in India. The have to include 5 facts, one image and write at least 250 words. They can also work in pairs. The class have 30 minutes to do this task and we have computer access. Some students are using Microsoft Publisher which will enable the to create a realistic looking article.


We are a week in to the class teaching each other today and they are used to their peers teaching them. 99% are on task and enjoying completing quizzes, compare/contrast charts, writing newspaper articles about issues in the text and even writing new endings.

I have been a bit worried about letting them ‘take the wheel’ and sitting in the passenger seat so I have also been emailing essay topics as homework. I guess it’s hard to relinquish control when you are so used to it. This homework is optional though, I have explained that if they feel confident about passing the exam then they don’t need to do it. All should be completing it but most aren’t. There exam is still a couple of weeks away so I guess I’ll get a flurry of emails nearer the time!

The class are happy in their work and enjoying the activities, so it’s all good!



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