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Here you take the wheel!

I introduced a revision project to my year 12 English class today with the driving question: How do I pass my exams well? We had a discussion about preparation and how to prepare and then I explained what they would be doing which was preparing revision activities for the class to complete over the next 3 weeks.

I explained that in order to teach someone something you really needed to know what you were talking about so that the activities that they prepared would help them to learn the topic well. I then went over Kosta’s 3 story house and explained gathering, processing and applying. The students are required to create activities from each level.

The class then downloaded the powerpoint from our LMS (Ultranet) and chose the topic that they would work on. I was pleased with the buy in on this project, nearly every student was engaged in discussion, planning or creating their first activity. They are pleased to be doing something other than rote learning quotes (although there is still a place for this) and writing a million essays.

I am thinking that I would still like them to write a few essays but maybe I need to trust the process…It’s a bit hard to let go of the tried and true! Especially when it is their exam results that are at stake. I’ll let you know what I decide or maybe you could let me know what you think.

We will spend the rest of this week planning the activities and then do them over the next 2 weeks. At the end I will set a reflection task for them.

I’m really pleased with the way that this project has begun and excited to see how it turns out.


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