Criterion 4

My PBL Journey

It is school holidays now so I have more time to continue researching PBL. Yes, I know I should be relaxing and reading a novel but I am waiting for a friend to finish part 4 of the Game of Thrones series so I don’t want to start another book just yet…Anyway, I digress.

I have been checking out heaps of websites about PBL; Edutopia, BIE and PBLuniversity to name a few. Twitter has been invaluable in providing links to educators who are already doing the PBL thing and I am learning heaps. As I have already created my first project I am constantly searching for confirmation that I am on the right path. So far so good.

I am 2 weeks into my Edward Scissorhands Project and now have 2 weeks break so I can reflect on what we have done so far and also learn more about where to next. What I have found out is that I need to add a presentation component and invite an ‘expert’ from the film industry to help assess and give feedback on what my students have created. Fortunately, I know just the person to ask!
This will add validity to the project and encourage the students to create a better quality film guide.
I could kick myself actually, thinking about validity, because the other day a group were trying to transfer a powerpoint presentation from a laptop into the Creative Book Builder app on an iPad and although they tried many ways of doing this we could not solve this problem. So I said, “don’t worry, no-one will actually have to look at it anyway.” And by doing this I denied the validity of this part of the project. Doh! Next term I’m going to chat to this group and try again to solve this problem.

The other thing that I want to add to the end of the project is a student reflection on what they have created. I will reflect at the same time on this blog. The students can also create blog of their own. We haven’t done a lot of blogging this year but plan to do more in year 10 so it will get them used to the idea.

Well, that’s what of learnt so far these holidays. I’m sure there will be more to come! A new day beckons even though the weather does not look too flash.



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