Criterion 4

Project Based Learning & 1:1 Devices – A perfect Match?


I have recently become interested in the way that I could use PBL with my classes but I don’t know how to get started! So far I have found out that a project needs to be based around a key question to inspire research, more questions, learning and discovery and culminate in a presentation of what has been learnt or a presentation of something to inform. This site has a great definition and explanation:
So how do I get started? I began researching what other teachers do and found the following links:

I realised that I am already doing some project based learning in my classes but it is mostly teacher driven. I would really like to make it more student driven. I like how the students asked to create their own unit of work in the first teacher link above. I really like the social responsibility aspect of Johnathan Chase’s work in the second link.

I think that PBL + 1:1 devices could be a perfect match! Students will have no barriers to research, they will enjoy being creative and their presentations have the potential to be high quality. The next step to take is to start thinking of some text related projects.
Very exciting!

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