Criterion 9

Emerging Differences


Several differences are emerging between the classes I teach where some students have 1:1 devices and the year 9 class where all students have devices. One of these differences is the attitude of the students towards their learning, 
My year 9 English class are encouraged to be responsible and independent learners. The tasks that we have created for them support this expectation. For example, we created a task where the students have to research several famous people and complete activities such as a fishbone diagram, an acrostic poem, and an imagined interview with one of their famous people. Once the task was explained and questions answered the class were quite happy to work on these tasks in groups. I wandered around the class offering help or explanation but was largely superfluous.
In contrast, my year 12 English class are studying the setting in Brave New World and were given a set of tasks one of which was to create a poster in pairs which listed 5 of the laws in the New World State. I explained the task, gave a chapter reference and wrote key words on the board. Plenty of help I thought. But still I had a couple of students who wanted to know exactly what to write on their poster. Their expectation was that I would spoon feed them.
I am finding that this is a common ocurrence and difference between the class with 1:1 devices and the classes without. The good news is that as the school becomes fully 1:1 we will be able to create and expect a culture of independent learning. Because of this we will be able to differentiate more easily and naturally. This is already happening with my year 9 class. I suppose that we will have to recognise the differences and work with them until this happens. I won’t be spoonfeeding my other classes but I will try not to get too frustrated with their pre 1:1 attitudes.

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