Criterion 4

Using QR codes: 1st Experience


I woke up in the middle of the night and started thinking about how I could incorporate QR codes into my teaching. My media studies class are currently planning a music video and, as part of their planning, have to identfy the target audience. I had a revelation that I could make a QR code for the CAGE acronym with questions to answer and get them to scan it. I went back to sleep and decided to make it happen the next day.
 I found a website that generated codes then created and printed. I stuck it on the wall but could not read it with my QR reader. I repeated the process with an iPad app and                              got the same result. In the end I projected the code onto the whiteboard and had 
I got my media students with smartphones to download a free app to read the code but not all the apps would read the code. The students who were able to read it were suitably impressed. They then got on with answering the questions.
So there were a few problems: the printed version didn’t work for me and some apps did not read the code. This is a neat idea though and I plan to keep using those sleepless nights to brainstorm ways of incorporating QR codes into my teaching.

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