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Reflections on the approaching 1:1 conference at OC

At OC we are gearing up for our 1:1 conference on 14.5.12 so we are all creating our presentations at the moment. It has been great getting together and planning what we are going to talk about. There is so much to say! It has been good reviewing what we have done and discussing what is working well, what has improved and what needs work.

Student engagement is the biggest change that I have seen, it’s not very often that a student is off task these days. Teacher engagement is also huge. There is less opportunity to sit back and relax or work on admin because the students are not recording notes or passively listening. They are doing stuff! So as teachers we are able to give more feedback to individuals as they are working. I love watching them filming and having fun doing it also.

The problem is getting them off their devices at break times now. They need a break to run around and interact with each other but many of them are sitting around playing games. It’s not healthy. Some students have complained of headaches and sore eyes so having a break is essential. I know of one teacher who does yoga in form class to help their posture. Of course there is an app for that.

So these are some of the things that I will talk about in my presentation. I’m looking forward to question time so I can find out what our delegates are concerned/thinking about. I hope I can inspire them to JUST DO IT!


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