Criterion 4

The transmedia beast

After reading the above article and watching the embedded video I have come to the conclusion that the way we teach has been, like television, largely one dimensional. Having 1:1 devices gives us the ability to change that and make it 2,3, maybe even 4 dimensional. Students can add photos, video, publish via a multitude of sites and get feedback from all over the world.

This will have huge implications on how we deliver the curriculum. I am realising that 2 weeks is nowhere near long enough to spend on creative writing. There is so much to discover about writing creatively such as narrative voice, narrative structure, the use of figurative language that the teaching part could take a month alone. Then using transmedia to publish, get feedback from anywhere in the world and then re-edit could take a further month. Will this mean that to enable our students to fully engage and discover these skills we only cover 2-3 topics a year in the future?
According to the above link, teachers in the USA are being paid according to the results they produce. This is going to kill the use of transmedia unless it’s use becomes part of the assessment. How many teachers are fluent in the use of transmedia? Will they have a budget for the professional development needed? Will teaching become a younger person’s game as many of the older generation find it difficult to upskill at the rate required as the production of new technologies race forward at an alarming rate.
I hope that NZ doesn’t follow the USA in paying our teacher’s based on the results of their students. We need time to come to terms with transmedia and it’s use in our curriculum. Transmedia is an exciting beast that I want to tame before ‘the Man’ kills it.

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