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First time using Google Docs


Today I tried a google docs task for the first time. I gave the students a theme essay question and then split them into groups, each group was responsible for writing a section of the essay. They used theme notes, The Cay tasks/activities document, the essay structure presentation and the book as resources.
I emailed everyone the Google Doc and after discussing the answers they began to type their answers live into the document.
The one student with a laptop was fine and his paragraph showed up as he was typing.
The students with ipads had trouble with their writing synchronising with the document. Some of what they wrote appeared but some didn’t. One student lost her work after trying to synchronise.
I started talking to Tony about this and he had a similar problem with his class.
The students enjoyed the task and the fact that they could work together.
Being able to see each others work.
I need to find an app which the students can use so that they can synchronise their work.
We will spend more time on this as we ran out of time today.


I am an English teacher of year 9-13 students at Whangaparaoa College. I enjoy incorporating the use of technology in the classroom and researching effective ways of engaging students. In 2012 our school introduced compulsory BYOD for year 9 and I have enjoyed this challenge. I am an advocate of Project Based Learning and plan to increase my use of this teaching style. I am also a musician and enjoy playing in local bands. If I can include music in my teaching in some way, I do it!

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