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Teaching with ipads

So far teaching with 1:1 devices is easier than I thought it would be. I was nervous initially about keeping the students focussed and on task, i thought that they would be easily distracted with games and Facebook. I have not had this problem at all, in fact I thought one student was playing a game and told her off but it turned out that she was on a dictionary app that had an advert for a game on it! I felt a bit stupid for telling her off šŸ˜‰ I do find that I am on my feet wandering around answering questions more than I usually do so it is not only the students that are more engaged but their teacher also!

I am finding that my class are quiet, focussed and on task. They are engaged with the activities and want to learn. I gave them a test on unfamiliar text and everyone bar one person passed. Last year I had to get the class to resit the test because the results were so appalling.

So overall, it is going really well and I am enjoying teaching with 1:1 devices.



I am an English teacher of year 9-13 students at Whangaparaoa College. I enjoy incorporating the use of technology in the classroom and researching effective ways of engaging students. In 2012 our school introduced compulsory BYOD for year 9 and I have enjoyed this challenge. I am an advocate of Project Based Learning and plan to increase my use of this teaching style. I am also a musician and enjoy playing in local bands. If I can include music in my teaching in some way, I do it!

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