Criterion 4

Using a wiki

I have started using a wiki with my year 12 English class and so far I would say that it’s going well but has not yet got to the point where I am really happy about its use. We are studying Avatar for our visual text so the wiki is dedicated to this. I have set up a number of pages, each one having it’s own topic such as themes; symbols; characters and also discussion topics. The class are working in groups and will spend one period a week discussing the topic on each page. They will then add their comments and thoughts.

I had hoped to have them edit each others comments until the answers evolved (with my help) into a solid answer that they could then use in their essays. Unfortunately, I have not yet discovered how to get them to edit a comment. At this stage they are all just adding comments. This is still useful however, and I hope that they are learning something from each other! I think I’ll add a page and gather feedback on the whole experiemnt.

I’ll let you know how I get on!

Christine out


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